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Antique BeachHistorians have it that 10 Bornean datus headed by Datu Puti, along with their followers, left Borneo to escape persecution by the rajah of the House of Sri-Vijaya and landed in the island of Panay, then ruled by the Ati king, Marikudo. After some haggling, they succeeded in buying the island from the Ati chieftain for one gold sadok and a gold necklace for his wife. This enabled one of the datus, Datu Sumakwel, to establish a permanent settlement in what is now Malandog in the municipality of Hamtic - the name was taken after a specie of a large ant called hantic-hantic, which abounds in the place.

Eventually, the settlers occupied the coastal parts of the island while the natives took to the hinterlands. The datus sliced the island into political units, called sakop, namely Hantic (Antique), Aklan, and Irong-Irong (Iloilo). Datu Puti, Bangkaya, and Paiburong headed these sakops but the entire island continued to be called Hantic under the supreme command of Datu Sumakwel.

Antique was later on officially recognized as a separate political and military province with Antique (San Jose) as the capital town. The institution of American authority over the island and the restoration of peace and order in Panay led to the formation of a civil government on April 13, 1901. During the Japanese occupation, Mt. Baloy (elevation 2,080m), which straddles part of Antique, was the headquarters of the 6th Military District under Col. Macario Peralta. The other two peaks of Panay, Mt. Madia-as (elevation 1,117m) and Mt. Nangtud (elevation 1,900m), are found in the province of Antique.


Profiled like a seahorse, Antique is an oversized serrated hemline on the western border of the three-cornered scarf-like land mass that is Panay. It lies between the China Sea to the west and a tall mountain range, 155 kilometers long and 33 kilometers at its widest, to the east, separating it from the rest of Panay.

Political Subdivision
The province is composed of 18 municipalities, 3 of which are inland, 14 coastal and 1 island municipality. Antique was classified as a 2nd class province as of January, 2002.

Antique has a pleasant tropical climate.

Per 2000 NCSO Survey, population is placed at 472,822 of which 50.57% are males and 49.43% females.

Language / Dialect
Antiqueños speak Hiniray-a with Indo-Malayan origin. English is widely spoken and understood.

Marble Quarries
(Libertad). About 24 kinds of marble of various colors can be found in the quarries.

Patadyong Weaving
The town of Bugasong produces the famous Bogasong Patadyong (a colorful native fabric), the only one of its kind and well known throughout the island.

Mat Weaving/Bag/Hat Making
located at Sto. Rosario, Pandan, Antique. Where the famous Pandan mats, bags, hats, and other handicrafts made of the native bariw, buri nito, bamboo, and rattan are made and sold at affordable prices.

(Sibalom and San Remigio Rivers). Abundant with blue and green schist, jasper, quarts, red, green and blue cherts, and neohrite.

Major Industries
Major products shipped out of the province are palay, rice, copra, muscovado sugar, legumes, fruits and vegetables, livestock, fish and fish preparations, and seaweeds. Manufactured items like native gifts, toys, and housewares have found their way in major cities of the country and abroad. Principal mined products exported include coal, marble, silica, copper, and gemstone.

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Malandog Marker
(Hamtic). 7 km. south of San Jose, Antique; which marks the "Landing site of the first Malayan settlers 1200 A.D."

Old Watchtower
(Libertad). 143 km. north of San Jose. It served to warn natives of approaching pirates.

EBJ Freedom Park
In front of the Antique Provincial Capitol building in San Jose, Antique. In honor of the late Gov. Evelio B. Javier who was assassinated on February 11, 1986 while defending freedom and democracy from the forces of martial law.

Telegrafo Hill Boundary
Straddling the Iloilo-Antique boundary, it commands a view of San Jose, Antique. The hill was a Japanese stronghold during World War II. The place is ideal for hiking and horseback riding.

Estaca Hill
(Bugasong). 43 km. from San Jose, Antique; with an elevation of some 200 feet and a view of the sea and hills surrounding Bugasong. The hill was once the site of a watchtower to warn people of Muslim pirates.


Anini-y Church
A massive white coral building located at poblacion Anini-y, 40.46 km. south of San Jose de Buenavista.

St. Agustin's High School
(Patnongon, Antique). 25 km. from San Jose, Antique; its building is a remodelled old Spanish convent near the site of the ruins of the century-old Spanish church St. Agustin's run by Mill Hill Missionaries.

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Nogas IslandAntique River
A 24-hectare government naval reservation island 3 miles from the shoreline of Anini-y town proper; 20 minutes by sailboat or motorboat; ideal for shell hunting, snorkeling, and scuba diving.

Sira-an Hot Spring
A government-owned hot sulphur spring atop solid rock; warm water flowing from crevices and collecting in tiled basins into a junior size swimming pool; is along the highway 1 1/2 kilometers from Anini-y town proper and overlooks Nogas Island.

Cresta de Gallo
(Anini-y). Called Punta Nasog by natives; denuded mountain of solid rock shaped like a rooster's crown, believed rich in mineral deposit.

Camp Autajay
5 km. from San Jose; also called Pina beach; 10-hectare lot ideal for camping, live-in seminars or conferences.

Pula Waterfalls
Red-tinted water cascades down the waterfall. It is 2 km. away from poblacion San Remegio.

Bato Cueva
(La Union, San Remegio). Located on a hilltop near a forest nursery. From there one can see San Jose and Sibalom and on clear weather Mount Madia-as in Culasi.

Danao Lake
located in the high mountains of San Remegio, ideal for hunting.

Batabat Coral Reef
(Barbaza). One km. offshore, a 20-minute ride by pumpboat; varied colored corals can be seen through clear waters.

Cadiao Resort
11 km. from poblacion Barbaza to Bgy. Capuyawan, then 5 km. on foot; has a Baguio-like temperature.

Macalbag Waterfalls
A waterfall 50 feet high, 8 km. from poblacion Barbaza; several caves, some still unexplored.

Hatay-tay Resort
(Barbaza). 5 km. from the poblacion; abundant spring water.

Manglamon Beach & Cave of Tiguis
5 km. from poblacion Tibiao; with sparkling sand and nearby cave.

Mt. Madia-as
(Culasi). 2,117 m. above sea level; beautiful mountain scenery, different species of flora and fauna, rare orchids, wild deer and boar, a lagoon and rain forest.

Batbatan Island
8 km. from Mararison Island; a mound of soft greenery, an attraction to scuba divers; has natural coves, anchorages, and white sand beaches.

Bugtong Bato Waterfalls
(Tibiao). 6 km. to Sitio Moleta; accessible by motor vehicle up to Bgy. Tuno and a short hike along murmuring streams and hidden rice terraces. Ideal for excursions/picnics with excellent opportunities for bathing, swimming and picture-taking. First three waterfalls with height up to 150 ft. are accessible.

Tibiao River
4 km. from the poblacion; considered ideal for white water kayaking by the Boracay-based Tribal Adventure Group.

Kipot Falls
Seven-basin falls in Culasi; 3 km. northeast of town proper.

Kalamasag Falls
About 100 ft. high; 7 km. and a 3-hour walk from the national road.

Igpasungaw Falls
3 km. from the national highway; a 30-minute walk up hills; a natural swimming pool.

Bugtong Bukid
500 meters from the national highway; has a bamboo and nipa resthouse.

Malumpati Health Spring and Tourist Resort
(Pandan). Spring water collects in a small lake believed to have medicinal properties.

Marble Mountain
Marble deposit has different colors and expected to last a thousand years.

Kaniang Resort
Has seven water basins; 7 km. from town proper.

Idiayan Resort
Has the advantage of a sloping beach and nipa cottages.

Maanghit Cave
The cave is rich in guano deposited by bats; 7 km. from the town proper.

Duyong Beach
A privately owned white sand beach overlooking the mountains; ideal for swimming.

Palakopak Lake (Brgy. Banbanan, San Remegio)
Two inter-connecting lakes abundant with freshwater fishes, it is surrounded by green vegetation still inhabited by endemic wild animals and is ideal for camping and picnics.

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Sto. Niño Church

Located at Hamtic, Antique, the church rests on an elevation; above it are a convent and a bell tower up which are winding steps among flowers. A wooded knoll sets off the scene.

San Jose Cathedral
Located near the new provincial capitol of San Jose. It is easily identifiable with its bell tower, the highest in the province.

Sta. Rita Catholic Church
Located at Sibalom town, 10 kilometers northeast of San Jose. The supine statue of Sta. Rita here was a gift from the Augustinian sisters in Casica, Italy, and the feast of Sta. Rita is celebrated on May 22.

Barbaza Catholic Church
The church with the most modern architectural style in the whole of Antique and designed by the same architect who designed Museo Iloilo. It is located at Barbaza town 61 kilometers north of San Jose, Antique.

St. Blaise Church
Located at Sebaste, Antique. The church of St. Blaise has always been an object of pilgrimage for Roman Catholic devotees through the years. The feast of St. Blaise is celebrated every February 2. Mysteries and miracles are attributed to the saint.

La Granja & Binirayan Site
(San Jose) A sports complex with a grandstand and a library on a hillside; site of the yearly Binirayan Festival; also a venue for cultural presentations.

Polytechnic State College of Antique
6th state college in Western Visayas; produces the best ceramic products, has a resthouse.

Liberty Park
(Mt. Agongon, Libertad). Commands a view of the town of Libertad against the vast expanse of blue sea; a camping area for boy and girl scouts.

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Antique Festival Binirayan Festival
(April 30 to May 2). Binirayan commemorates the landing of the ten Malay datus in Malandog, Hamtic, Antique in the middle of the 13th century to set up the first Malayan settlement or barangay in this country.

Council of Balabago Re-Enactment
(March 4-6; Balabago River, Culasi). It is a re-enactment of the gathering of the Malayan Datus headed by Sumakwel after their settlement in Malandog for thanksgiving and renewal.

Special Interest

White-Water KayakingAntique Kayak
Tibiao River rises on the slopes of Mt. Madjaas, the highest point in Panay, and plunges well over 1000m on its short run to the ocean. There's about 23km of navigable water on the river, but access tothe upper section is difficult. The usual run is 8km, a pleasant 1-day excursion.

Gibon River offers a solid 6km run on clear grade 3 water, with some areas reaching grade 4 in high water. This is creek action, so you'll need a short, manoeurable boat. The Gibon is close to Boracay, and the trip can be made as a day excursion. The river starts well up in the mountains, with the upper sections offering steep drops and narrow chutes, and the lower section easing off to grades 1 and 2. The uppermost section has drops up to 4m, which can be jumped in kayaks.

located at Pandan, Antique, not far from Boracay, the Malumpati is an exceptionally scenic river offering good still water for practising and a few mild rapids. This is where Tribal Adventure brings novices to introduce them to kayaking. The mountains above Malumpati contain one of Panay's only remaining virgin forests; the scenery is lovely, with trees coming right down to the river.

Rising over 2000m above the coastal plain of Antique, Mt. Madjaas is the highest point on the island of Panay, and home to one of the last expanses of virgin rainforest in the area. The views are panoramic, overlooking the beach-fringed islands of Maniquin, Batbatan and Mararison on the west side and the rugged valleys of central Panay on the east. After rains, waterfalls as high as 300m snake their way down the near-vertical west side of the mountain. The jungle is home to a number of rare species, including the Philippine spotted deer and the cloud rat. You may still encounter nomadic groups of Ati Negritas, the original tribal inhabitants of the area, on the mountain.


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